Listing is for a single 5.6mm M140 445nm diode and a bare collimating lens that the diode is paired with in the projector and is for experimentation only. An Aixiz 405/445 Three Element Glass or the Single Element G-1 lenses are the most commonly used with these diodes.  These are the new M140 diodes that have been showing great improvements over the A140 diodes. These 445 diodes are rated @ 1W from the manufacturer and with a Aixiz three element glass lens being driven @ 1.8A they will fall between 1.5W-2.1W and with a G-1 lens it will fall between 1.7W-2.4W.

These moudles are now using the more efficent M140 diodes from the new 3000 Lumen projectors. They have shown an average increase in efficiency of the previous A140's. See this thread for details.

This is the new M140 diode that everyone has been talking about. They come from a well known DLP projector being extracted the safest way by using a no heat non pin stressing method. A lot of seller will not want to take the time to do this and will just use a soldering iron and this can burn the glue that holds the pins in place. Leading to diminished life of your diode.

Max suggested current is 1.8A to the diode. Don't attempt to connect directly to a battery you must use a current limiting driver. I do offer a boost driver that is capable of driving this diode off a single Li-Ion see my other offerings below.

Diodes are sensitive and should not be run or soldered until pressed in a module/heatsink. laser diodes also are current hungry and should never be run without a current limiting driver. Check my other items below for an appropriate driver.

Diodes are tested to be in working order and packaged in an antistatic bag. Please use ESD precautions and short your driver leads discharging any capacitors before hooking up your driver to the diode.

Here is one of my favorite hosts. The Sirius 1-C

Here are a few beam shots with these diodes.

Here is the Pinout for the diode

PIV Plot


Single 445 diode and bare collimating lens

Here is a list of lasers that I have built with full tutorials and experiments that can help give you ideas for your next project.


Ehgemus 32650 & 2X32650 Sandblasted Hosts

2W 445 DTR Frankenstein Ultrafire RL-2088 Handheld Host

2.1W 32650 Ehgemus RPL Host

40mW 635nm 10440 MXDL Pen

1.6W RL-168 Compact 14500 Host

Compact 1.5W Stainless Steel RL-118

2W MCU-C88 Q5 26650 Host

1.6W Ehgemus 14650 Pen Host W/Dual Flexdrives

1.6W 445 Mohrenberg 18650 Host+Heatsink Kit Review + Tutorial

2W SAIK SA-305 26650 Host W/Massive Mohrenberg Heatsink

560mW Stainless Steel 10440 Jayrob Ultra Compact 445nm Build Absolutely Awesome!!

1.9W Jayrob 2D Mag Host

1.5W Small Sun ZY-122 2X26650 Host

1.6W Peak MXDL 3405 Review + Assembly Tutorial

2.1W Ehgemus 26500 Alien Host

1.9W Ehgemus RPL Stlyle 26650 Host

1.8W Ehgemus Custom 26650 Black Host

1.6W 445nm Polished Aluminum Ehgemus Host Review

1.9W Ehgemus 2X26500 Custom Host W/3XGroove 2 Drivers

630mW 445 Keychain CR2

736mW 12X 405 Stainless Steel C3

Compact 1.6W Hotlights 18500 Host W/Driver Heatsink Mod

1.6W Peak 445nm SS 18650 Jayrob host W/'custom 'Hot' option' heatsink on driver

1W Mohrenberg Apollo Kit Review-Build Tutorial


How to put together a Jayrob Hot kit

Flexdrive Driver Heatsink for Continuous driver duty cycle @ 1.5A

Guide to Harvesting the Lite On 12X Diode

How to set up the P3 for a handheld laser

Compact 1.6W Hotlights 18500 Host W/Driver Heatsink Mod


Bench test on 12X Lite On 405nm Diode

Bench test 445 Diode

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